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Why The Player Gets the Girl

In the real world, we all want to be players. Players are those that just seem to get all of the looks and attention even when they’re not trying too hard. Us men can often find ourselves wondering how we too can get a second glance from the sexy lady passing by but instead end up with a faked check of the phone or simply a dismissal.

The truth of the matter is a bit more subtle. If you look closely, does the “player” have anything you don’t? You probably dress the same, look the same, and maybe even to some degree act similar. At the end of the day it only boils down to one thing – confidence.

A lot of people will go around telling you that you just need to act this way or that, or worst that you need to mimic some other guy that has it all sorted. I’d venture to reiterate advice that you’re mother told you all along – be yourself.

Now if being yourself is a total wuss that sits on the couch and cries about how he never gets any ladies while pounding a bag of chips, I regretfully must tell you that you need serious work. More likely than not however, you’re a very interesting person with your own goals and passions that under the right circumstances will shine through.

This is what distinguishes the player. He is not afraid to be himself in virtually any situation because he simply doesn’t care what you think. Like him or leave him he will be himself, and women love him for it. If you want to be more attractive to women, forget money, looks, fame, etc. Show people the best version of yourself – the version that you’re proud of.

If you treat life this way you’ll reap the rewards big time, and I’m not even talking exclusively about women. This will positively affect all other areas of your life too. Whether its career, friends or girls, confidence goes a long way. You got this!

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