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Femme Fatale

The femme fatale of Hollywood may blow things up with her mind and shoot around corners, but in the real world she’s a bit more mysterious. Today’s FF is more the type that will lure you in with her good looks and subtle sexiness only to leave you high and dry soon afterwards.

As a good analogy, the femme fatale of today is much like the manly player out there who is ready to take numbers and break hearts. There are a few reasons why we men are always attracted to this kind of woman, and why we can’t often escape her.


Firstly, us men are intrigued by things we can’t fully understand and conquer. This is why we are often driven to careers that don’t make us happy, cars that are too fast to be healthy, and risk taking that may someday bankrupt or kill us.

The femme fatale is like these things. We can never tame her so we feel the need to keep trying.


Yes, us men tend to lust a lot, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. While we have sexual cravings, we also lust after things that we can’t have or control.

The femme fatale therefore presents the perfect recipe for disaster for us men as we try in vain to get her attention.


Yes, women are not the only one’s who crave attention. Men are not exempt from the desire to have everyone envy them, and this is one reason why we are often attracted to the femme fatale.

If you are cunning enough to get her to give you the time of day, then you’re likely someone to be taken seriously.

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