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She talks too much

As previously stated, women love to talk and us men have become accustomed to that. Too little and there may be a problem, but it’s important to also note that too much is as well.

When your date simply won’t let you get a word in she is likely to be very wrapped up in her own drama and unavailable to give you what you need. Additionally, a women who doesn’t want to listen to you is also likely to be very high maintenance.

She doesn’t like to make plans

Going with the flow is one thing, but not ever making plans for anything in the future is a bad sign. One of the things that women tend to always do better than men is make plans and remember important dates. If your woman is not willing to mark down her calendar for you then she is likely either lazy/disorganized or just not into you.

Making plans also goes hand-in-hand with making time for you. It’s important especially at the start of any new relationship to spend quality time together. If you are not worth her time then pick up and move on. There are many great fish out there for you.

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