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The dating world is a game that doesn’t always have a happy ending. Bad dates are a part of that reality, and something you should look for right away while dating some one for the first time. When something doesn’t feel right it’s important to know the best way to back out immediately so you don’t have to spend time and energy later wishing you had just left when it was easier. Here are a few things you should watch out for when you go out with a woman.

She constantly talks about past boyfriends

Right off the bat this is a huge no no. A quick line within the conversation somewhere can be acceptable, but droning on endlessly about past relationships is deadly. This is usually a sign of an unstable woman and someone who can’t easily let go of the past. Don’t get caught up in this one; it’s time to move on now.

She’s a little “too” comfortable

Comfort is a good thing while dating a woman. It establishes trust between  you two and helps you understand who the woman is in reality. However, just like in the corporate world, too much comfort right away can signal bad news.

Women are naturally obsessive when it comes to dates. They will clean themselves, do their hair, and put on their makeup often hours before actually seeing you. Therefore, if on the first date the woman doesn’t seem prim and proper, it’s a good bet that you’ll be seeing the flesh-toned bras and eating ice cream with her during her monthly period before you know it.

Comfort can also apply to other things beyond looks. The way she talks to you, the way she eats in front of you, etc. can be good signs as well. It’s not an exact science, but overall if someone who doesn’t even know you well is completely comfortable with that burp or scarfing down BBQ wings in front of you, what is she going to be like in a few months?

She can’t hold a conversation

Women are natural born conversationalists. Say one word and you’ll likely have her talking endlessly. If you find yourself with a lack of things to talk about, this may be a good sign to walk away.

Conversation serves two purposes – it helps you understand if you two are compatible and it also gives you an indication of how comfortable she is with other people. Either way, a lack in these departments will likely make any future relationship difficult at best.

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