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3. She wishes you’d slow down and take your time on her

Women like passion, and that’s something that is defined very differently for men and women. When we think of passion what generally comes to mind is penetrative sex, and lots of it. We often forget that women on average need much more time to get turned on and to come than men do. Sexual interaction that would take us around 3-5 minutes to come may take a woman 15 or more minutes. Therefore, women often wish that their men spent more time turning them on and pleasing them before relaxing on the bed and drifting off to sleep like we sometimes do.

The first thing to know is that women are much more sensitive than men on “non”-sexual parts of their bodies. Places such as the hands, the back, and the legs among others can yield an enormous amount of pleasure for a woman when attended to carefully. Plus, the added suspense of waiting for you to make love to her will likely drive her wild and want you that much more. It’s really a win-win situation.

4. She wishes that you would experiment and try new things

Women are very sexual beings and enjoy discovering sex in a safe and non-pressured environment. You’d be surprised how most women actually want to try sex in new and exciting ways and all they need at times is for you to be the man and ask.

As stated before however, women need to feel safe and comfortable with you. If you don’t have your woman’s trust or if she’s not comfortable being crazy with you, you will not likely get to see this exciting and adventurous side of her very often. Communicate with your woman, compliment her, be kind to her, and you’ll see how much she will open up to you. When the mood is right, have a discussion about what you want to try. Don’t make the mistake of heading into something new without her approval first however… This is a move that will likely land you sleeping on the couch.

5. She wishes that she could come more often

Last but definitely not least, your woman wishes that she could have more orgasms in bed. As mentioned already, women take much longer than men to get revved up and ready to orgasm. By the time you’re ready to blow your top she’s likely only a quarter of the way there. This can definitely lead to a lot of sexual frustration for your woman and make her less interested in engaging sexually with you. Imagine if you almost never were able to come? Not good…

The best thing that we as gentlemen can do is to follow the number one rule – women first. When we approach our sexual lives we should always make sure our ladies are satisfied first, and then us. That way we will earn respect and love while receiving and giving pleasure. Do this and you’ll likely be getting a lot more action than you currently do!

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