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To be a good lover, it is often required that you get into your woman’s head before getting into her. While stripping down naked and thrusting ’till dawn would suit most men, women often take more time and effort to turn on and please appropriately. For the majority of us, a happy woman means a happy man. We like to please our lady so that she keeps wanting more and doesn’t get bored.

Many women find it hard to talk openly to their men about what they like in the bedroom, and truthfully, can we blame them? Often times we make it difficult, setting high expectations and demanding things over and over again. It’s time that we men step up and learn what women have to say about our love lives. Here are five common things that the average woman wishes for in bed:

1. She wishes you were more spontaneous

Even though women take more time to get hot and ready than men do, they are not exempt from finding it enormously sexy to spontaneously engage in a little nookie. The key here is moderation. Your woman most likely enjoys slow, drawn out sex too, but also enjoys you running to greet her at the door in your birthday suit, ready to rip her clothes off as well. Balancing both is one of the number one desires of women.

Remember, women are emotional and sensitive creatures, and therefore when you approach spontaneous sex keep that in mind. The location you choose, the atmosphere, and the mood will all affect your success at making great love to her. Try something new here, change it up, fantasize a little if you both are into that, get a little naughty and do it in your office after hours; whatever you do, make it exciting and passionate. Your woman will thank you for it later.

2. She wishes you talked more

Women naturally like to talk, and this is no different in bed. Of course we’re not talking about sharing the latest gossip or catching up on the day here however. On average women want their men to communicate with them in bed and relate to them. They want to know what turns you on and they want to feel comfortable leading you to what pleases them.

There are two great ways to communicate in bed effectively while keeping the intrigue up – first, talk a little dirty to each other. Your woman likes to hear how much you want her and how excited you are to make love to her. Let loose here; tell her how sexy she looks, tell her you can’t wait to get her clothes off, tell her you’ve been thinking about her all day. Do this and you’ll be sure to rev her up for a great time.

Secondly, open up to your woman and tell her what feels good for you. This will help in a few ways – it will make things feel better for you, it will encourage your girl to open up more to you and be vulnerable with you, and it will make her more comfortable to try new things with you in bed. Ever want to experiment with something a little different? Communicate more with your woman and you’ll be much more likely to get a positive response.

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