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Yoga is something that we men are naturally awful at, or perhaps it’s just me… Either way, yoga is a type of exercise that calls you to contort your body (and mind if you’re into that) into a variety of ways to increase your flexibility, strength, and balance. The truth is, men generally suffer in at least two out of three of these categories and as a result, yoga is a great exercise to master. If you don’t immediately see great reasons to improve these skills, think of how much flexibility, strength, and balance would improve your sex life… We all want to be better lovers, right?

There are generally two “western” types of yoga that you’ll see in your local studio. The first focuses on what are called “asanas,” or physical poses. This type of class will also focus on meditation and breathing techniques that will help to get you into a “relaxed” state and help you meditate. The second type of class is designed more for relaxation and focuses on the breathing techniques and meditation without too many poses. Both have their benefits, and it’s up to you to decide which one fits your needs better.


First of all, yoga is great for reducing stress. To be completely honest, my experience with it was a lot more like the feeling you get after a “powerful” (aka painful) massage – while it’s happening it’s painful but afterwards you feel brand new. Apart from the physical however, you also learn how to control your thoughts and master your own mind. This will definitely help at the office, at school, at home, and many other places you’ll find yourself.

Muscle tone

One of the greatest things about yoga is that it increases the stamina of your “postural” muscle groups. These muscles are responsible for helping you maintain certain body poses such as standing in place or laying in plank position with your torso above the ground. You use these muscles more than you think on a daily basis, and you will likely start to notice a rapid increase in your personal stamina. Among other things, this is where yoga really shines in terms of sex.

During sex, many positions often require long intervals of sustained body poses. Even the classic “missionary” calls for a lengthy plank position, so you can imagine that it is worthwhile to keep these muscles in good shape.

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