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Your first meeting

The first time you meet lays the foundation for how the rest of the night will go. It’s important at this stage to stay open-minded but also confident in yourself and your overall presentation.

It’s best at this point to meet in a public and vibrant place to avoid making her feel awkward or unsafe. A coffee shop works well, and will give you both the opportunity to shake hands and enjoy a few minutes of conversation in a non-intimidating environment.

Always make sure to keep eye contact, and be careful with what you say. Phrases such as “you’re not what I expected” can start the evening off poorly by making her feel self-conscious even if they are meant as compliments. Just keep the conversation light and friendly.

The main course

After a light meet-and-greet, it will be time to move into the activities for the rest of the evening. While you spend time together, make sure to listen to her and be yourself. Don’t give away too much about yourself at this point, but keep the conversation more on the surface.

Also remember, first impressions are very important. Therefore, take the extra step and be a gentleman. Offer to pay for dinner, open the car door for her, compliment her on her outfit, and whatever else feels right.┬áThis way you will show her that you care about her and that you’re aware of how a woman should be treated.

Calling it a night

When the time comes to say goodbye, the way you end the evening will greatly impact if the relationship will go anywhere. At this point she will be reading every slight move of your body language to get a tell on how you felt about being out with her. You both will likely already have an idea if you are compatible or not, so it’s just a matter of letting each other know how you feel in a tactful way.

If things went well, consider setting up another date. Ask her if she will be available next week and if you can give her a call. This will show interest and let her know that you feel a connection. It’s best not to seem too eager, but rather let her know that you had a good time and want to see her again. As you part, give her a hug or kiss on the cheek; it’s best to save the lips for another date.

If things didn’t go well on the other hand, don’t panic. After all, you both signed up for this knowing that there was a good chance things wouldn’t work out. Tell her you had a good time and that you will probably see her around at some point. If you’re not looking to be so upfront you can also tell her that you’ll give her a call at sometime. Don’t worry, she won’t be expecting you to do so. Whatever you do though, always be polite and courteous.

Following up

If your date was a success, the follow up is the next step. As I said before, try not to seem too eager by calling her right away, but also make her feel like she’s a priority to you. Give her a day in between the date and your call, and it’s a good idea to start the conversation off thanking her for the previous night and letting her know you had a good time.

Since the ice has now been broken, it’s up to you to charm her. Don’t forget however to be decisive at the end of your call. Always make sure to “ask for the order” and request that next date. By doing so she will know that you can make decisions and follow what you desire, which are equally important qualities in a man.

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