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Blind DateBlind dates can be scary experiences for men and women alike – neither one of you knows each other and you’ll be basing an entire romantic prospect off of someone else’s word. It’s bad enough that regular dates are stressful in that you have to look your best and try hard to create a first-time connection, but blind dates definitely take it to a new level.

However, it doesn’t have to be that bad for those who haven’t done this before. Who knows? The experience may even prove to be much more rewarding than you thought. Here are a few tips to ace the blind date and come out of it like a champ.

Prepare for the date mentally

Getting in the right frame of mind is essential to approaching a blind date. One of the largest reasons why many blind dates don’t work out even as friends is that there are┬áexaggerated expectations at the start.

Make sure to tell yourself beforehand that you’re simply going out for a fun night with a woman friend. This way you won’t expect anything other than some good company and a nicer-than-usual evening. The moment you start psyching yourself out with imagining this or that about your new friend or expecting certain things creates a bad environment from the start.

Talk to her before the date

As a rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to speak to your new prospect over the phone before the date. This breaks the ice and creates a level of comfort which will help quite a bit during the evening.

I’d recommend a quick call during the day, using an excuse such as “I just wanted to make sure we’re still on for tonight. I’m really looking forward to meeting you” to open up the conversation. Of course, getting to know each other will happen during the evening, so try to make the call short to avoid burning out any potential conversation topics that you can use later.

Make a general plan

Having a general plan will help you immensely during the date. Knowing what’s next will help the evening flow better, and will also give you an idea of when it will be over if things are going poorly.

The key word here is “general” plan. When you’re meeting someone for the first time, you may realize quickly that the things you had planned don’t gel with her personality, what she’s wearing, etc. Being able to back out or change plans is essential to a good time for you both.

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