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Close out the conversation early

Despite how you feel the conversation is going, people at the gym are generally busy and have limited time to work out. The last thing you want is your new friend getting annoyed at you for holding her up at the ab crunch machine. Therefore, as you start to engage her in friendly conversation, let her know that you have a few more machines to do and that you will see her later. This will let her know that you have other things on your mind than meeting women, and it will also make her understand that you respect her time as well.

Close the deal

When you’re ready to head out for the day, circle back to your new lady friend and talk to her one more time. If she’s also done working out, there’s a good chance that she’ll be ready to lounge around and ready to eat something after a vigorous workout. Here’s where you can tell her “hey, crazy workout huh? I’m so hungry, haven’t eaten all day. There’s a great place I know of about a block from here. Want to join?”

The key here again is to keep the conversation very light and on the surface. The more she understands that you’re not the creepy guy that’s been staring at her rear end all afternoon the better. When you get to the point of her coming out with you, pat yourself on the back. It’s not easy to get here, but in the end it may be worth it!

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