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The gym can be a very strange way to meet people. Most everyone has their headphones in and is blocking out the world while working hard on the elliptical, the treadmill, the weight machine, etc. Despite this however, there is always this strange connection that is built between people as they glance around at each other without saying a word. Have you ever spent some time in one place surrounded by the same people and somehow without saying a word you feel like you know them? Sometimes that is what happens at the gym.

Because of this, the gym is oddly a formidable place to pick up women. Here you’ll be likely to find fit and beautiful women who care about the way they look. Apart from looks, it’s also probable that you’ll find a woman who is motivated and interested in living life to the fullest. All great things.

When trying to pick up a woman at the gym, it’s important to keep in mind a couple of tips and tricks to be successful.

Dress well, smell good

The gym like anywhere else is full of people subtly judging you for what you wear, how you smell, how you carry yourself, etc. To stand out in the gym crowd, men will sometimes wear spandex t-shirts and some will wear so much cologne that you feel like you’re going to drown.

This will likely only get people to avoid you. Your best bet is to observe proper gym etiquette while keeping a classy flair to your look. Wear clean, form-fitting clothes that are not too snug but not too loose, clean your sneakers or buy new training shoes for gym use, and groom yourself appropriately as if meeting someone important.

Break the ice

Let’s face it, the only way to meet a woman for the first time is to just go up and find some way to talk to her. Have you ever noticed that when you simply ask a person a question in the elevator or make a small comment about anything in an awkward situation it can instantly make things more comfortable? Same thing at the gym. Most women will be in their own worlds here listening to music, watching the Kardashians on TV, or just zoning out; however, a short and sweet comment or question by you can be just the thing to snap them out of it.

The key here is to approach conversation very casually. There are a few places where women feel a little more on guard than usual and the gym is definitely one of them. Many creepers and weirdos approach them on a daily basis, so it’s important to choose your introductory conversation topics wisely. A good bet is to start off with something about your surroundings. Perhaps it’s raining hard outside, or the mats are all taken in the weight room, or the aerobics class was really fun. Whatever you choose to talk about, make it superficial and non-intimidating to get her feeling at ease.

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