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Where do you see the market heading for products like yours?

“With Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, I think the space became a lot more interesting. Before it got acquired, people were already saying that Instagram was crowded, and now inevitably the number of users will increase. I feel that in a way this opens up an entirely new market, and will encourage other large companies like Google for example to add photo sharing to their current offerings. I think this can be a great opportunity for us down the line.”

What do you see yourself getting involved with next?

“To be honest, I see myself getting away from the business of trying to attract crowds of users and involving myself more in solving significant world problems. To name a few areas, I would love to work with the jobs market as well as the renewable resources and biotechnology industries.”

What interests you about technology entrepreneurship?

“I think the greatest thing about working with technology is the speed at which things get done. You can literally come up with an idea and in a few short months have a working product and thousands of users. Contrast that with the biotechnology industry for example. Very few products even make it through the years of testing, and those that do may be nixed by the FDA shortly after.¬†Additionally, I think it’s amazing that through technology you can reach thousands if not millions of people and change their lives for the better.”

What is your advice for first-time entrepreneurs?

“First, come up with an idea that answers a real problem. Too many ideas come out today that are built to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. You can’t go into a venture looking to create a new market for yourself – unless you’re Apple of course. When you get that brilliant idea, build a solid team. What has helped me succeed the most is having a co-founder that complements me. In my experience, at least one of you should be a coder so that the project can stay on track.

Secondly, for social businesses such as ours, make sure that your product is worth sharing. People should find what you offer valuable enough to share it with their friends and family, therefore creating virality. When you achieve this, you’re much more likely to succeed.

Lastly, launch your product as soon as possible and never give up. People often wait for things to be absolutely perfect before the world can see them, but in my experience it’s best to get people interested from the start. Involve your users in your creative process and they’ll feel more attached to the final offering.”

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