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Learn how to tie it properly

After you find the scarf that fits your style, it’s important that you learn how to tie it correctly so that it brings out the best in your look. There are four common knot styles that you’ll see men using – the Parisian, the once-around, the loose once-around, and the twice-around. Learn each of these styles and change them up every once in awhile to add variety.

Our friends over at AskMen Magazine wrote a great article on how to tie each of these knots, so head over there after and check it out if you like. In the meantime, check out the images below for how each knot will look on you:

Parisian Knot Once Around Knot Loose Once Around Knot Twice Around Knot
Parisian Knot Once-Around Knot Loose Once-Around Knot Twice-Around Knot
Photos Copyright: AskMen Magazine

Use the scarf sparingly

We men are lovers of efficiency, and when it comes to fashion, we tend to go with what we know to save time. Wearing a scarf however is like eating dinner – you don’t want to eat the same thing every day or you’ll easily get bored.

A scarf is an excellent accessory to wear every now and then, and will bring out your trendy and fashionable side. Just make sure however that it becomes part of your wardrobe rather than the main focus.

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