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Mismatch pieces of clothing

A general rule for dressing like a hipster is that there are no rules or common sense limits regarding how outfits are put together. After all, being a hipster is all about experimenting with “odd” and different styles to create your own unique look.

Try skinny jeans with large shirts, two different style socks, ripped pants with a formal button down shirt, and whatever else comes to mind.


Clothing and accessories are only one part of the loosely-defined hipster equation, and grooming is another. Whether your grooming habits are impeccable grooming or a little lacking, a unique style is yet again what’s important.

Many different styles can pass for “hipster” these days, including handlebar mustaches, unkempt beards, greasy hair, and half-shaven heads for example. Experiment a little and find what fits you best.

Push boundaries

Hipsters thrive on creativity and self-expression; they don’t adhere to widely-held norms and boundaries. Therefore, the true secret to pulling off the hipster look is to put aside what society has told you is normal and acceptable and be yourself.

Try new and exotic things that fit who you are as a person and  have fun making yourself a work of art in its own right.

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