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HipstersBeing a hipster is rapidly becoming the next best thing, especially in major cities. It’s hard these days to stand out in a crowd unless you get outside the box a little with your wardrobe; and the hipster look has definitely caught a few eyes.

Contrary to modern thought, being a hipster is not necessarily a creed or system of belief, but rather a way to express personal style and individuality. Here are a few tips to help you choose your hipster look according to your personal sense of style:

Use what’s around

Some of the best hipster looks can come from things you have lying around. Do you have some pants one size too small? Perhaps a strange western hat your mom bought you when you were a kid?

Either way, mixing and matching things you already have may provide you the look you’re searching for. Being a hipster is all about pushing outside of the box; therefore, be random and never be too choosy – you never know what you’ll uncover!

Thrift stores can be your friend

Thrift stores can be a gold mine for the hipster look; they generally sell clothing and accessories at a small fraction of their retail value, and often carry goods that people don’t want for one reason or another. This meets two important hipster guidelines – frugality and uniqueness.

A thrift store is also a great place to find vintage clothing and accessories. Since these items are coming from the bottom of peoples’ closets most of the time, you are likely to find barely-used, out-of-style items. This is definitely very hipster.


Hipsters are known for wearing all sorts of odds and ends they find lying around. These accessories don’t necessarily have to be gender-specific, or matching, but should add to your outfit’s overall personality.

One great thing to try is to go through your attic or visit your local thrift store and pick out things that people generally find too “weird” or unattractive – like large bracelets or plaid ties for example. You can find some hidden gems here that will complement your style.

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