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When it comes to the bedroom, there are 101 things that you both can do, and only a few involve using your lower member. Even if you’re not well-endowed, spend some time learning how to please your woman with your tongue and fingers, and don’t be afraid to try using toys as well.

The body is filled with nerve endings, and each can be turned on with the right touch. As you both try new things, you will soon find that straight up sex is not the only thing that’s necessary to please your woman.

Build trust and mutual respect

Every single person is different, and understanding this is a fundamental aspect of any relationship. When you build a relationship with your lady that includes respect, love, and trust, things like anatomical differences should be respected and appreciated because she loves you.

Understanding and accepting each other for who you both are comes with the territory of being intimate, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Any girl who can’t accept you for what you have isn’t going to be a good partner anyway.

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