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Small Penis

When it comes to the bedroom, men often get pretty insecure at times. Whether it’s erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or a less than average performance, there are a lot of things on our mind as we enter the room. Unless you’re gigantic and you know it, the size of your penis probably tops the list as something you think about when approaching sex.

What you don’t know however is that having a smaller penis doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t perform well. The truth is that a woman’s vagina on average is about 7 inches long, and some women actually find it less pleasurable if you’re large enough to make it to the end. Of course this isn’t true of all women, but nevertheless there are many things you can do to please her without being well-endowed¬†for those who find it important. Here are a few tips to put things in your favor.

Keep your cool

As a recourse to feeling unworthy, many men resort to apologizing and groveling to compensate for their inequities. The best thing to do instead is to remain confident and composed the entire time. Have you ever noticed that when someone does something embarrassing such as forgetting lines in a play or sweating profusely during a presentation, he or she is judged more by the way they recover than by the actual event? Same thing in the bedroom.

A smaller penis may at first be a bit of a turnoff to your lady, but playing it off well will put you ahead of most other men. She may even respect you for your courage.

Do what other guys won’t do

In an ABC News survey of sexual satisfaction, over one third of the women participants stated that they were dissatisfied with their sex lives and attributed most of the dislike to lack of intimacy in the bedroom.

Most guys whether they are well-endowed or not have trouble connecting to their women emotionally, and this provides a great opportunity for you to show her your sensitive side.¬†We’re not talking about crying here, but cuddling your woman, talking sexy to her, and giving her affection will go a long way in pleasing her in new ways.

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