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Start slow

While we may enjoy getting down and dirty right away, women tend to enjoy the finer aspects of sex. These include namely foreplay, petting, and kissing. Therefore, instead of going right for the gold, take the time to kiss her passionately, and playfully experiment with her body. Kiss and touch her in “non-erotic” places such as her back and underarms, and avoid letting her reciprocate while you work.

A lot of men write in to ask why their woman doesn’t seem to be enjoying sex as much as they do. This is definitely one of the largest factors, and on average, most women would rate penetrative sex as less pleasurable than some of the other things you do in bed. Therefore, if you want to improve her sex life greatly, invest some time in treating her like a princess.

Save the best for last

Just like your penis, the vagina is naturally your woman’s most sensitive and pleasurable spot. For us men, having our penises stimulated either orally or by hand is the first thing that we like to happen; however, for a woman this is not necessarily true and can actually be painful. Women need to work up to sexual arousal, and a lack of preparation in this area can turn her off for good.

When the time is right however and she is wet and ready, things can get a bit more focused. At this point, vaginal stimulation is likely the thing she wants most, and you should give it to her relentlessly. Before entering her however, use your fingers and your tongue to massage her clitoris and her outer and inner labia. This will likely drive her wild and get her desiring you deep inside her. Tease her a little as you push inside, and don’t forget to be sweet but confident. You’ll have her bucking with pleasure in no time.

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