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A million dollars is synonymous with a successful man. The earlier in life you can attain the infamous seven figures the better, and many people do all sorts of odds and ends to get there. The truth however is that getting to the million dollar milestone is less involved and less shrouded in doubt than most people think.

Other articles will tell you one thing most likely – that getting to the million dollar mark will require hard work, dedication, and a lot of time saving up money. While this is definitely true for most people, things like the internet can speed up the process quite a bit if you’re involved in the right thing. Let’s walk through a few steps that you should start following today if you want to reach that million milestone sooner than later.

1. Get out of your box

Seriously, you need to change it up a little. The average person does just a few things around just a few blocks of space. Really think about what you’ve been up to lately, and if your answer is something like “for the past week I went to work, to the gym, and watched TV on the couch” you’re doing something wrong.

Successful people move and learn constantly. You’re never going to be able to discover great opportunities if you don’t get out and learn about how things work. Even if this means doing one non-routine thing per day (aka attending happy hour or volunteering somewhere) that will help tremendously.

2. Help people out for free

Yep that’s right – help people out for free. No one helps out other people for free, and you’ll stand out big time. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean give money to the next five homeless people on the street (although there’s nothing wrong with helping them either), but if you want to get in with the right crowd, offer to help those already in power.

A favor here and there could get you a great introduction with an investor, a reasonable small business loan, or just some sound advice from a seasoned pro. Whatever you stand to lose will be made up with what you would gain, trust me.

3. Start something

While I’d like to say that working in the 9 to 5 will make you a millionaire, it generally won’t; I can’t sugarcoat it. Unless you are wiling to spend years of sweat and blood working your way up the corporate ladder until at 60 years old you’re making good money, you will have to start something of your own.

I don’t necessarily mean drop everything, quit your job and pursue your dream of lobster fishing either. There are many ways that you can start something small while paying the bills with your current job and creating opportunities. Learn how to code and make a basic website that performs a needed function, get out your DIY tools and build a small prototype of a neat product, or open up a part-time service business out of your home office. Any of these options can have at least ten times more potential than your current job if you succeed. The point is to try many avenues and fall in love with the ones that work.

4. Manage your money wisely

I’m serious. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve counseled over the years who are succeeding in their ventures and insist on maxing out their credit cards the moment they get the chance. Spend what you have and save as much as you can. Being smart with money gets you places, and also encourages respect and trust with investor-types. That’s a pretty big motivator.

5. Build a personal brand

Who you are as a person and as a professional will truly dictate the rest of your life. If you’re poorly regarded in any way, your personal and professional life may suffer.

If you leverage your great reputation, many doors will be opened for you. Just like Tony Robbins is synonymous for self-help and Steve Jobs is lauded as a “Genius” and “Innovator,” when your name is associated with positivity, your options increase. All of a sudden important people will start contacting you and speaking engagements will be coming your way to fly half way around the world to give talks.

6. Avoid Scams

Lastly, avoid get rich quick scams. There is about one scam for every single get rich quick need out there, so there is sure to be one that plays to your weaknesses. Resist these. Wealth comes from getting many people to come to you/your businesses, not you coming to a business to get help making money.

Building wealth takes time but the great news is that once you have one success, other successes likely follow. You will learn from your mistakes, and powerful people will begin to trust you as you generate a following of people who jump on board with your ideas.


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