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Romance her, but always expect something in return

One of the greatest mistake men make at the start of a relationship is to set the bar too high for themselves. Every date becomes a fancy night out at an expensive restaurant complete with a bouquet of roses, chocolates and a good night kiss. While this may be romantic and definitely something every man should do while courting a woman, it should not happen every time you see her.

Every relationship should be reciprocal, even at the start. Now that doesn’t mean that you should make her feel obligated to cook for you, clean up your mess, or sleep with you, but we’re talking here about her treating you right too and being romantic with you. This may take many forms, but it’s important for both of you to do things for each other that make you happy. As you both give to each other you won’t be setting up precedents that you will likely have to part ways with later down the line. This will help you both make the best decision as to whether you are meant for each other or need to part ways.

Communicate effectively

The best relationships are always those in which both people can communicate effectively with each other. Communication allows for each of your voices to be heard, and expectations to be out on the table. Just like you want to make sure she’s into you, she needs to know what you want out of the relationship as well.

Start small; that’s the key to communicating properly. You don’t need to go straight into marriage and kids but a 15 minute conversation about how things are going so far and where you both see the relationship heading is definitely in order. Kicking off a new relationship in this manner can potentially save you heartache in the future, and will definitely bring you both closer if that is indeed what you want.

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