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We all have been there at some point in our lives. We’ve met a girl at the bar, at work,  at the gym, whatever it may be and we’ve fallen in love almost immediately.

When you meet a person you want to spend extra time with, it’s very easy to feel in love. Each of you gives your best, dressing to impress, toning down the dirty language and trying to meet the other person half way on a range of emotionally-charged issues such as religion and politics.

The reality on the other hand is that eventually each of your true personalities will come out, and it may not be pretty… Below are a few tips that can help you find out what true love really looks like for you, and how to get it.

Hold off on sex – just for now.

If you are truly interested in a lasting relationship, there isn’t a single thing that will get you so quickly in and out of “love” as sex. While sex may be one of the best ways to increase intimacy between two people, it’s not a good idea to start off a brand new relationship going straight for the gold. Instead, get to know her, talk to her, and learn the things that make her tick. This shows that you care about her as a person, and are interested in more than just her body. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not simply for her benefit but yours as well.

Think about it this way – if you decide that sex is a good idea after the first date and a week from now you realize she’s completely insane, how are you going to simply back out now and pretend it never happened? Sex can feel good, but what feels even better is being in control of every situation. You’re better off keeping that control rather than giving it up to a crazy and clingy woman who can’t let go.

Don’t sacrifice who you are simply to get along

Whether it’s with a girl we’ve just met or our boss at work, we’ve all been in that awkward position of quietly disagreeing with the other person while wishing we could say something about it. Don’t do it! With a boss or client it may be necessary to keep the business (or job), but in a relationship you are asking for trouble. Instead, be yourself and don’t bend your values, politics, religion, etc. for her. In the end, this will help you understand if you and her are really a good fit or not.

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