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Have you ever wondered why women are so attracted to gay men? Among all of their qualities, gay men most often get complimented on their impeccable sense of fashion that leaves women weak at the knees.

Women like a guy who can dress well, and that’s no secret. Knowing what clothes and accessories fit together display two key things about you – first that you are creative and interesting and second that you are confident enough to pull off your outfits. Knowing how to look your best will score you major brownie points with your girl and is something every guy should know. Here are a few tips to attract women with what you wear.

Find your look

Most well-dressed people you’ll see find a style that is unique to them and stick to it for the most part. This gives them a sense of identity through what they wear and also shows a lot about their personality.

If you’re going to dress to impress, make sure to add something that is “you” to your look. What makes you feel attractive and confident? Is it your fedora hat? Your button down shirt with skin-tight jeans? Finding what makes you tick from a fashion perspective will go a long way to find the look that sets you apart.

Use good common sense

When developing a look that attracts women, go with your gut feeling on what should be used and what shouldn’t be. Most women don’t want to see your butt cheeks hanging out of your pants nor do they enjoy running their fingers through beard hair as long as your legs.¬†Find the happy medium between your desired look and what you know is just not right.

Understand your target woman

Every woman is different, and the way you dress will likely have an effect on the type of woman you attract. Therefore, spend some time thinking about who that is for you. Are you interested in the carpe diem adrenaline junky? Or do you lean more towards the quiet type who enjoys a walk in the park and classical music? Often times it’s not that straightforward, but understanding the type of woman you like will help you dress appropriately.

Dress confidently

When attracting the ladies, every outfit should come with an attitude to back it up. We’re not talking here about being a major douche to turn heads, but rather a great outfit should have a confident person behind it to wear it proudly.

No matter what look you intend to go for, displaying confidence will go a long way to make your style work. Keep your chin up and shoulders back as you walk around and feel proud to be yourself. If you pull it off right you could have a few dates lined up in the next week.

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