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Lead others at or below your role

Showing that you have the capacity to lead people and give others direction is characteristic of someone in the upper ranks. If you’re busy but still have requests coming in, delegate some of the work to your colleagues and subordinates in a tactful way.

This shows that you can manage your own workload while working well in a team. It also displays confidence and skill in your job, which will convince your boss that it’s time for a promotion.

Learn company policy and use it to your advantage

It’s worth mentioning that not all companies have the ability to promote people on a rolling basis. At times, company policy states that promotions can only occur at certain times of the year or after certain qualifications are met.

The best thing to do is to learn and follow company policy as best as possible to ensure that your request for a promotion is taken seriously. That being said however, it is in your best interest to make your wishes for a promotion known before the opportunity arises so that you can be the first person considered.

Present your case professionally

All too often people make the mistake of either expecting a promotion to come to them or presenting the idea informally for fear of rejection. When you feel the time is right, schedule a brief meeting with your boss for a “check in” or “general update” and make the invite for no more than 15 minutes.

Start off the meeting by reiterating your interest and engagement with the work you’re doing and make sure to mention how your boss has mentored and helped you along the way.¬†At this point, discuss with your boss opportunities for becoming more involved with the company, tactfully throwing in that you can be more effective if given additional responsibilities at a higher role. Focus on solutions to problems here. You can bring up ideas you have for improving things, and tell your boss how you would go about implementing them after your promotion.

After your meeting, continue on as normal – the ball is in their court now. Let your work speak for itself.

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