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Engage in proper conversation

Just like anywhere else in life, the dining room has its own type of conversation that is considered appropriate. As you eat, it is encouraged to converse with your guests, but only at the level that is appropriate for the location. During karaoke night at your local pub it may be acceptable to rant about your evil boss and drunk-sing songs by Katy Perry, but at a fine restaurant it is necessary to keep your conversation clean and at a level tone.

Manners, manners

Your mom always told you that manners were important, and this is no different during a nice evening out. If you want to stick out as a cultured and proper man, it’s always a good idea to go above and beyond the norm.

Therefore, make sure to open the door for your guests, pull out the chair for the ladies, wait to eat until all of you have received your food, and always be polite and courteous while speaking at the table. This will likely earn you a lot of respect and may even encourage a bit of jealousy from onlookers.

Have a good time

Theres definitely something to be said for men who just look like they’re having a good time. Confidence and an overall positive attitude will go a long way to put your guests at ease. You don’t always have to be the center of attention, but simply displaying a love for life will score you major points.

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