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Justin VerlanderWe’ve all heard of the PowerBand bracelets and their many knockoffs that promise to balance our minds and bodies to give us an edge. These trendy items have made it from preteen adolescents all the way up to professional athletes. While the majority of the hype is just hocus-pocus, the real advantage for these items is that they make the wearer feel fashionable while engaging in their daily activities; therefore, improving his or her self-image.

There are many different accessories out there, but one of the newest and coolest we’ve tested so far is the Titanium Necklace by Phiten (shown on the left as worn by pitcher Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers). We tested one of these “Tornado” necklaces, and here are a few of our observations:

It fits in to your daily life

The Tornado necklace we tested is a great complement to the other Phiten products we’ve used in the past. The company makes all sorts of other items from compression sleeves to performance socks, all of which help out while playing an intense sport.

Even though the necklace itself doesn’t provide any¬†sizable¬†advantage out on the field, it definitely made us feel stylish and unique.

It’s trendy

Let’s admit it, we all like to have the latest and greatest; after all, that’s the main reason why Apple-ware is so popular. Accessories go in and out of style quickly, but these titanium necklaces seem to have what it takes to stick.

Titanium necklaces are popping up everywhere, including on the sports field and in daily life. The particular necklace we tried is a MLB special edition that is worn by players throughout the league including Justin Verlander as pictured and Josh Beckett of the LA Dodgers.

It looks good

After all, the main reason we accessorize is to simply look good. In our tests it was amazing how often people stopped and asked us what we had on. It was also neat how we could wear the necklace with pretty much anything. It’s definitely a very versatile accessory.

Phiten offers a huge variety of necklaces that will cater to any style preference. We recommend heading over to their website if you’d like to check one out for yourself!

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