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  • Fashionable on the Field

    Fashionable on the Field

    We’ve all heard of the PowerBand bracelets and their many knockoffs that promise to balance our minds and bodies to give us an edge. These trendy items have made it from preteen adolescents all the way up to professional athletes. While the majority of the hype is just hocus-pocus, the real advantage for these items is that they make the wearer feel fashionable while engaging in their daily activities; therefore, improving his or her self-image. There are many different accessories out there, but one of the newest and coolest we’ve tested so far is the Titanium Necklace by Phiten (shown […]

  • How to Dress to Attract Women

    How to Dress to Attract Women

                  Have you ever wondered why women are so attracted to gay men? Among all of their qualities, gay men most often get complimented on their impeccable sense of fashion that leaves women weak at the knees. Women like a guy who can dress well, and that’s no secret. Knowing what clothes and accessories fit together display two key things about you – first that you are creative and interesting and second that you are confident enough to pull off your outfits. Knowing how to look your best will score you major brownie points […]

  • How to Wear a Scarf

    How to Wear a Scarf

    During the chillier parts of the year, a scarf is always a great bet to keep you warm while remaining fashionable. Scarves are rapidly becoming the new thing to wear for the modern man, and they can add a great deal of flair to a variety of outfits. Choosing a scarf and wearing it properly can be pretty challenging, and a lack of stylistic expertise may create a rather sloppy look. As a result, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you find your scarf-mate and wear it proudly. Choose your scarf to match your outfit Believe it […]

  • How to Pull Off the Hipster Look

    How to Pull Off the Hipster Look

      Being a hipster is rapidly becoming the next best thing, especially in major cities. It’s hard these days to stand out in a crowd unless you get outside the box a little with your wardrobe; and the hipster look has definitely caught a few eyes. Contrary to modern thought, being a hipster is not necessarily a creed or system of belief, but rather a way to express personal style and individuality. Here are a few tips to help you choose your hipster look according to your personal sense of style: Use what’s around Some of the best hipster looks […]