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  • Why the Player Gets the Girl

    Why the Player Gets the Girl

    In the real world, we all want to be players. Players are those that just seem to get all of the looks and attention even when they’re not trying too hard. Us men can often find ourselves wondering how we too can get a second glance from the sexy lady passing by but instead end up with a faked check of the phone or simply a dismissal. The truth of the matter is a bit more subtle. If you look closely, does the “player” have anything you don’t? You probably dress the same, look the same, and maybe even to […]

  • Picking Up Women at the Gym

    Picking Up Women at the Gym

    The gym can be a very strange way to meet people. Most everyone has their headphones in and is blocking out the world while working hard on the¬†elliptical, the treadmill, the weight machine, etc. Despite this however, there is always this strange connection that is built between people as they glance around at each other without saying a word. Have you ever spent some time in one place surrounded by the same people and somehow without saying a word you feel like you know them? Sometimes that is what happens at the gym. Because of this, the gym is oddly […]

  • 5 Lessons on Picking up Women

    5 Lessons on Picking up Women

    Ok, so you’ve read all the articles, talked to your friends, maybe even checked out some books,¬†but it still puzzles you how men go from talking to beautiful women at the club to bringing her back home for some late-night fun. There are a whole range of articles out there on how to successfully talk to women and warm them up to you, but how do you close the deal? How do you go from just the nice guy who bought her a drink to the sexy but safe guy she wants some alone time with? It’s a challenge, but […]