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  • Why the Player Gets the Girl

    Why the Player Gets the Girl

    In the real world, we all want to be players. Players are those that just seem to get all of the looks and attention even when they’re not trying too hard. Us men can often find ourselves wondering how we too can get a second glance from the sexy lady passing by but instead end up with a faked check of the phone or simply a dismissal. The truth of the matter is a bit more subtle. If you look closely, does the “player” have anything you don’t? You probably dress the same, look the same, and maybe even to […]

  • 5 Best Places to Meet Women

    5 Best Places to Meet Women

    It’s no secret that meeting women can be hard, especially if you’re looking for a longer-term kind of thing. Going out to bars and playing the nightlife game can get you in front of a lot of women, but as we men know, this is no guarantee that anything meaningful will come out of it. As with anything else in life, stepping outside the box a little can help a lot. Below we’ve thought of 5 solid places to meet women that don’t involve having to impress her with your $500 shirt or that Mercedes you got after your last […]

  • Surviving The Blind Date

    Surviving The Blind Date

    Blind dates can be scary experiences for men and women alike – neither one of you knows each other and you’ll be basing an entire romantic prospect off of someone else’s word. It’s bad enough that regular dates are stressful in that you have to look your best and try hard to create a first-time connection, but blind dates definitely take it to a new level. However, it doesn’t have to be that bad for those who haven’t done this before. Who knows? The experience may even prove to be much more rewarding than you thought. Here are a few […]

  • How to Make Her Come Every Time

    How to Make Her Come Every Time

    The female orgasm is one of the most sought after events in our sexual lives, and something that doesn’t come easy or very often. As men who care about our ladies, we always want to give them pleasure, but we often find ourselves working hard only to fall tiredly on the bed next to her without much more than a few moans. The way a woman enjoys sexual pleasure is very different from the way a man does, and she often needs more time and to be in the right frame of mind to even approach orgasm. While no techniques […]

  • How to Make Up for an Average Penis

    How to Make Up for an Average Penis

    When it comes to the bedroom, men often get pretty insecure at times. Whether it’s erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or a less than average performance, there are a lot of things on our mind as we enter the room. Unless you’re gigantic and you know it, the size of your penis probably tops the list as something you think about when approaching sex. What you don’t know however is that having a smaller penis doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t perform well. The truth is that a woman’s vagina on average is about 7 inches long, and some women actually […]

  • Picking Up Women at the Gym

    Picking Up Women at the Gym

    The gym can be a very strange way to meet people. Most everyone has their headphones in and is blocking out the world while working hard on the elliptical, the treadmill, the weight machine, etc. Despite this however, there is always this strange connection that is built between people as they glance around at each other without saying a word. Have you ever spent some time in one place surrounded by the same people and somehow without saying a word you feel like you know them? Sometimes that is what happens at the gym. Because of this, the gym is oddly […]

  • 5 Things Women Wish For in Bed

    5 Things Women Wish For in Bed

    To be a good lover, it is often required that you get into your woman’s head before getting into her. While stripping down naked and thrusting ’till dawn would suit most men, women often take more time and effort to turn on and please appropriately. For the majority of us, a happy woman means a happy man. We like to please our lady so that she keeps wanting more and doesn’t get bored. Many women find it hard to talk openly to their men about what they like in the bedroom, and truthfully, can we blame them? Often times we […]

  • When to Back Out on a Date

    When to Back Out on a Date

    The dating world is a game that doesn’t always have a happy ending. Bad dates are a part of that reality, and something you should look for right away while dating some one for the first time. When something doesn’t feel right it’s important to know the best way to back out immediately so you don’t have to spend time and energy later wishing you had just left when it was easier. Here are a few things you should watch out for when you go out with a woman. She constantly talks about past boyfriends Right off the bat this […]

  • 5 Lessons on Picking up Women

    5 Lessons on Picking up Women

    Ok, so you’ve read all the articles, talked to your friends, maybe even checked out some books, but it still puzzles you how men go from talking to beautiful women at the club to bringing her back home for some late-night fun. There are a whole range of articles out there on how to successfully talk to women and warm them up to you, but how do you close the deal? How do you go from just the nice guy who bought her a drink to the sexy but safe guy she wants some alone time with? It’s a challenge, but […]

  • How to Find Love in the Throes of Romance

    How to Find Love in the Throes of Romance

    We all have been there at some point in our lives. We’ve met a girl at the bar, at work,  at the gym, whatever it may be and we’ve fallen in love almost immediately. When you meet a person you want to spend extra time with, it’s very easy to feel in love. Each of you gives your best, dressing to impress, toning down the dirty language and trying to meet the other person half way on a range of emotionally-charged issues such as religion and politics. The reality on the other hand is that eventually each of your true […]