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  • Why the Femme Fatale Always Gets Us

    Why the Femme Fatale Always Gets Us

    The femme fatale of Hollywood may blow things up with her mind and shoot around corners, but in the real world she’s a bit more mysterious. Today’s FF is more the type that will lure you in with her good looks and subtle sexiness only to leave you high and dry soon afterwards. As a good analogy, the femme fatale of today is much like the manly player out there who is ready to take numbers and break hearts. There are a few reasons why we men are always attracted to this kind of woman, and why we can’t often […]

  • The Story on Steroids

    The Story on Steroids

    Steroids are constantly popping up in the news and are often subjects of heated debate. In reality, “steroids” come in many types and perform a variety of functions; however, the anabolic steroid is the most widely-known. Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones that mimic testosterone in the body and can lead to increased muscle bulk and reduced muscle breakdown. Most people take these drugs in hopes that they will be able to physically perform better. As you may have heard, anabolic steroids come with many risks that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Below we’ve broken down some of the major issues with […]

  • How to Train for a Marathon

    How to Train for a Marathon

    Whether you’re in shape or not, a marathon is not something to be taken lightly. Running 26.2 miles (13.1 for half marathon) takes a huge toll on the body, and should really be considered an extreme sport that requires advanced training and experience. When approaching your run it’s important to take an accurate assessment of your current fitness level and then determine what work needs to be done to get you up to speed. This way you can understand your strengths and also what may slow you down. After this you can begin to map out your own individual training […]

  • Energy for Parenting

    Energy for Parenting

    Let’s face it, parenting is hard. No matter what age you have children, you are most likely at a point in life where you’d easily prefer watching TV after work rather than playing on the swing set and running around in circles. Children don’t have the pressures of life that we do – careers, bills to pay, etc. so they are naturally inclined to enjoy playing often. Furthermore, children also have the luxury of being able to sleep much more than we get to, which helps too. Therefore, how can we meet them half way? How can we be good […]

  • Bodily Changes During Pregnancy

    Bodily Changes During Pregnancy

    After all, this is a men’s magazine, so why are we writing about the P word? Even though we men never have to deal with a 4 inch head coming out of our bodily orifices, we still should know something about a woman’s body during pregnancy. Mostly, this will serve to prepare you for what’s to come, and may also serve to help you be more understanding when the baby arrives. A woman’s body is already subject to many fluctuations each month, and this is only increased during pregnancy. Here are some of the most common bodily changes that you […]

  • The Benefits of Yoga

    The Benefits of Yoga

    Yoga is something that we men are naturally awful at, or perhaps it’s just me… Either way, yoga is a type of exercise that calls you to contort your body (and mind if you’re into that) into a variety of ways to increase your flexibility, strength, and balance. The truth is, men generally suffer in at least two out of three of these categories and as a result, yoga is a great exercise to master. If you don’t immediately see great reasons to improve these skills, think of how much flexibility, strength, and balance would improve your sex life… We […]

  • A Word on Protein Supplements

    A Word on Protein Supplements

    Most people when they want to increase their muscle mass head for the protein supplement shelves. After countless workouts and an entire can of whey protein they realize that simply consuming these supplements does nothing for their physique. The protein supplement is one of the most widely-misunderstood products on the market, and something that people often misuse. In this article we will break down some of the most common-held misconceptions regarding these products and attempt to explain how to use them properly. Protein supplements are necessary to build muscle after working out While protein supplements do indeed provide a great […]