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  • Guide to Gearhead: Carburetor/Direct Injection

    Guide to Gearhead: Carburetor/Direct Injection

    Gasoline only burns when it is mixed with oxygen.  A bucket of gasoline lit on fire would be unlikely to explode, but instead the fire would sit on top of the liquid as the vapors burned.  If the bucket was left in the room for a period of time, the room would fill with gasoline vapors and the room may explode… So, don’t try it at home. If we want to run a combustion engine using gasoline, we’ve established that we need to mix the fuel with air.  This is why we need a carburetor.  A carburetor is actually a very simple […]

  • Guide to Gearhead Week 1: HEMI

    Guide to Gearhead Week 1: HEMI

    What’s man’s best friend? Here’s a hint… It doesn’t shed or poop on your living room carpet. The answer is cars. Nothing else in the history of mankind has changed our individual lives more dramatically. If you’re one of those guys who answered dogs, keep reading. Have you wondered what a Hemi is? Don’t understand why your dad’s car had a carburetor, but yours doesn’t? Want to know why your mechanic charges so much to refill your blinker fluid? These articles are for you. The Guide To Gearhead column will teach you everything you need to know to start looking […]

  • The Jaguar F-Type is Almost Here

    The Jaguar F-Type is Almost Here

    Jaguar’s story is not unlike that of car makers such as Kia and Hyundia, who have come back from an otherwise “different” reputation and have since taken the market by surprise. Look back through the pages of car history and you’ll discover a much different type of Jaguar than exists today. From the car’s birth in 1935 up until around 2003, the brand has been mostly looked upon as your upper-class saloon car complete with luxurious amenities – not necessarily a fast and sporty race car. Since Tata Motors’ acquisition of Jaguar however, things have been changing. Accordingly, the F-Type […]

  • The New Ferrari

    The New Ferrari

    The anticipation for a new Ferrari is like waiting for the next Bond movie – you know it’s going to be classy and to-the-point with a dash of killing and sex intrigue. Last month Ferrari unveiled its newest addition to the pedigree at the Geneva Motor Show. This amazing piece of work, dubbed the F12 Berlinetta, boasts an incredible 6.3 liter, V12 engine that churns out a monstrous 740 horsepower that will take the car to 60 mph in less than 3.1 seconds. Stay on the pedal a bit longer and you’ll be doing over 100 mph in just 5.3 […]

  • 8 Cars for the Family

    8 Cars for the Family

    Buying a car is difficult, and finding the perfect car to suit the needs of your family can be a challenge. When thinking of your family’s next ride it’s important to consider a couple of things – first, the car needs to be economical. If you’re going to be driving your kids to school, yourself to your job, and going on the occasional roadtrip, it’s important to have something that saves gas. Secondly, your car needs to be loaded with all of the equipment you need; this may include a GPS system, satellite radio, a rear TV for the kids, […]