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  • How to Ask Your Boss for a Promotion

    How to Ask Your Boss for a Promotion

    In today’s economy it may seem odd to even discuss the possibility of asking your boss for a promotion; especially since there are so many people with similar qualifications looking to work for less. The truth however is that while the job market is becoming more and more saturated, employers are finding it harder to find quality employees amid a desperate workforce. The result is a high level of turn over. As hungry, well-qualified people enter lower-paying jobs than what they would otherwise seek, they tend to jump ship or get fired for lack of interest after a short period […]

  • 5 Tips on Interviewing

    5 Tips on Interviewing

    Interviews are always the scariest part of any job-seeking experience and can obviously be the difference between a paycheck and the unemployment line. With more and more interviews being conducted by phone or Skype, this process can be even more daunting. However, with a little preparation and the right mix of character you can turn these difficult situations into positive outcomes. Below are a few tips to help you interview effectively. 1. Prepare appropriately Do your homework before the interview. This will not only help you be more prepared to answer questions about the company, but will also give you […]