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3. Act confident. Be confident.

Has anyone ever told you that sometimes if you act a certain way you will become it? Well, with an interview you don’t necessarily have to become confident; you just need to act like it. First impressions are key to interviewing success, and you have one brief shot at convincing the boss you can do the job.

Therefore, put your insecurities aside and place your best foot forward. Tell yourself that you can do this and they would be lucky to have you on board. Answer each question with confidence without feeling that you are unworthy of working at this job. Do this right and you’ll be further ahead than most other candidates.

4. Posture yourself

This point relates closely to the previous step in that posture is an important part of displaying confidence. Interviewing posture is comparatively simple because you’re generally sitting down at a desk across from the interviewer.

The key to proper interviewing posture is to keep your back straight while sitting, maintaining eye-contact with the interviewer, and keeping your hands and feet still. You’d be surprised how fidgeting with your hands or a couple of glances out the window can throw an interviewer off. Some people are a little more sensitive to those things than you think.

5. Close the deal and ask for follow-up

When all is said and done, it is absolutely appropriate and actually desired that you ask about next steps. Now, we don’t recommend that you begin negotiating salary, but it is important to ask what the next steps are in the process and for contact information. This is also a good opportunity to briefly reiterate to the interviewer why it is that you would be a great fit for the position.

Whatever you do in there, do it with confidence and with a bit of personality. No one wants just another drone to be working for them. Be respectful, confident, prepared, and most importantly be yourself as much as you can without crossing the line. You’ll be much more likely to come out as a first-choice candidate.

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