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In today’s world we are conditioned from a very young age to value hard work and strive to get the highest-paying job possible. Many people who live this out pursue advanced degrees in fields such as medicine or law or simply enter the corporate world and move up the ladder and into the executive suite eventually. The problem with these methods is simple – jobs are a terrible way to make money and a terrible way to live. Below are five real reasons why getting a job is the worst idea.

Jobs are short-lived

Gone are the days when people get a job and work at it until they retire. These days the one thing on any executive’s mind is the bottom line, and any employee not meeting that is not worth the investment. Additionally, jobs are subjective. Saying the wrong thing, dressing outside of the box, and taking time off work are just a few of the many things that can land you unemployed. You have to ask yourself – do you really feel that having one source of income that can be turned off in an instant is stable? All it takes is three words – “you are fired.”

The much better alternative is the method of having multiple streams of revenue, each working in tandem to bring you the income you need. Imagine having two, three, or even four small streams of income. Now compare the loss of one of these income streams to the loss of your one and only stream of income, your job. Big difference, right?

Upward mobility is limited

In the corporate world, those who reach the top don’t necessarily get there by being the smartest people in the room. It takes a great deal of “schmoozing” and a hearty portion of Kool-Aid to join the executive ranks. If you’re like me, it’s not easy to compromise what you believe and your self-worth to make a few bucks.

On the other hand, being your own boss means you get to decide what you’re worth, and best yet, you get the keep all the profit from your hard work. History is full of examples of people who went from say selling cookies at the side of the road to a multi-million dollar baking business. The great thing about being self-employed is that YOU are in control. Budget cuts, angry bosses, and insecure co-workers will no longer factor in to your success.

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