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3. Touch her

Touch is one of the most powerful ways that we as humans communicate. Just like a firm handshake or quick kiss on the cheek may be enough to seal a business deal, a light touch to a woman you’re interested in may do the same for you in other ways. When communicating with a woman at a bar or club it is important to use touch appropriately to initiate sexual interest and to get her mind thinking of you.

When the time is right and you two seem to be getting along well, place your hand on the center of her back or on her arm briefly as you speak to her. This will let her know that you are not just simply her friend, but that you are interested in her physically as well. Touch also connects two people – it will let her know that you feel a connection with her that’s deeper than just someone you met at a bar.

4. Play the game

Unlike men, women don’t generally go to bars to find people to hook up with. Women, especially the beautiful ones, are constantly offered sex and relationships with other men so they don’t need to chase after these things. That makes our job as men more difficult to stand out in a fairly large crowd. This is far from impossible however, and if you learn to play their “game” you will be leagues ahead of the masses.

First and foremost, women like to reject people. Think about it this way – let’s pretend that before you applied to any jobs, the top 5 companies in your industry called and emailed you begging you to come work for them, each trying to outbid each other to pay you the highest salary. Wouldn’t you take some pride and enjoyment in rejecting some of them when you accept the one you want to work for? This is similar to the way women reject the hoards of men.

The key to navigating this situation is similar to all others mentioned in this article – be confident. Handling rejection without getting defensive or moody will propel you above most men in the club. If the woman you’re talking to doesn’t appreciate the confidence you show to her, you better be sure that someone else will notice. Turn this negative situation around on your new friend and you may be very surprised at the outcome.

5. Revisit your leads and close the deal

Towards the end of the night when you’re ready to head out with your new squeeze, circle back to the women that you had the best luck talking to during the night. By this point they will likely have had a few drinks and will be ready to head off the dance floor. Also, if you’ve followed the previous advice, she’ll also be revved up sexually and ready for the invitation to head on home with you. The reason we’re recommending revisiting a few of your top choices is that some of these women will undoubtedly be too drunk, upset at someone or something, or simply done being “out” for the night and unavailable for your next move.

The right woman will stick out to you almost immediately. She’ll appreciate your touch, compliment you, and perhaps even whisper a little something dirty into your ear. Either way, this is your one chance and it’s actually very easy to blow it. At this point you need the right blend of sexiness with the appropriate sense of safety. No one wants to go home with a creeper, you know? Let her know that you care for her safety and that you would like to invite her back to your place for a drink if she’s comfortable. That’s it! Have fun and rock her world.

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