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Man Meets Woman

It’s no secret that meeting women can be hard, especially if you’re looking for a longer-term kind of thing. Going out to bars and playing the nightlife game can get you in front of a lot of women, but as we men know, this is no guarantee that anything meaningful will come out of it.

As with anything else in life, stepping outside the box a little can help a lot. Below we’ve thought of 5 solid places to meet women that don’t involve having to impress her with your $500 shirt or that Mercedes you got after your last promotion.

1. The Gym

The gym can definitely be one of the best places to meet women. Here you are likely to find at least a few fit and beautiful women who are active and determined. On top of that, since introductions can be hard, the gym offers you many conversation topics that will keep things alive.

Additionally, if you want an excuse to see her again, just invite her to an exercise class you’ve been wanting to attend. It’s a simple first date!

2. Work-Day Lunches

As most people are well aware of, the best way to do things like get a job or appear on television is to get a referral from someone who the decision makers trust. While dating coworkers may get a little too dicey, dating their friends and associates may do just fine.

Invite some of your coworkers out for a laid-back lunch and tell them to invite some of their friends. Do this with your female colleagues especially, and you’re bound to meet some new women. If you play your cards right, your female coworkers will be singing your praises to your new lady friend essentially referring you to her. Engage her in some conversation, and then perhaps ask her to continue it during happy hour.

3. The Airport

This one mainly applies when you’ve just landed back at your hometown. The airport is the one place that people from all over your destination gather in one place. This will give you the opportunity to meet people you otherwise probably wouldn’t have met, and also give you topics of conversation. You can both discuss your recent trip and then hopefully meet up later on after a good night’s sleep and a shower.

4. Networking Events

Networking events are a great way to meet all sorts of people, including women. You’re generally in a place with low-lighting and soft music to reduce the awkwardness, and you have a valid excuse to just walk up and talk to anyone. The best approach here is professional at first and not creepy. Networking events are also generally home to the con man and the sleezy creeper alike, so a delicate touch to your introduction is important.

5. Local Restaurant Happy Hour

The best place to meet a woman is generally where her guard is down and she is open to meeting new people. A restaurant usually offers a safe area where women can feel comfortable having a cheap drink before commuting home for the night.

Generally-speaking, employees who have spent the day working from a desk are excited about blowing off some steam and striking up a few conversations after work. This can be the perfect opportunity to politely insert yourself into the conversation and get to know some people worth spending a little more time with.

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