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  • 5 Best Places to Meet Women

    5 Best Places to Meet Women

    It’s no secret that meeting women can be hard, especially if you’re looking for a longer-term kind of thing. Going out to bars and playing the nightlife game can get you in front of a lot of women, but as we men know, this is no guarantee that anything meaningful will come out of it. As with anything else in life, stepping outside the box a little can help a lot. Below we’ve thought of 5 solid places to meet women that don’t involve having to impress her with your $500 shirt or that Mercedes you got after your last […]

  • Why the Femme Fatale Always Gets Us

    Why the Femme Fatale Always Gets Us

    The femme fatale of Hollywood may blow things up with her mind and shoot around corners, but in the real world she’s a bit more mysterious. Today’s FF is more the type that will lure you in with her good looks and subtle sexiness only to leave you high and dry soon afterwards. As a good analogy, the femme fatale of today is much like the manly player out there who is ready to take numbers and break hearts. There are a few reasons why we men are always attracted to this kind of woman, and why we can’t often […]