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  • An Interview with Idan Koren from Deja Mi

    An Interview with Idan Koren from Deja Mi

    “You should have an idea that encourages users to get their friends involved“ In the world of entrepreneurship it’s always important to learn from those who have “been there, done that.” No one is born knowing what to do to create a successful company, so it’s always a good idea to hear from those who have successfully created a product from the ground up. We had the opportunity to interview Idan Koren, President and Co-Founder of up-and-coming photo sharing app Deja Mi to get his take on how to be successful in the world of technology entrepreneurship. To give you […]

  • Sizzlin’ Pesto Chicken

    Sizzlin’ Pesto Chicken

    This recipe blends the delicious flavors of tender chicken, basil pesto, and the seasoning of your choice. It is one of those meals that is incredibly simple to prepare, but when served, it looks and tastes like you dedicated quite a bit of time to making something special for her. Ingredients: Thinly sliced chicken breast Olive oil Seasoning of your choice (I use Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning) Pesto *Can be served with grilled mushrooms and mushroom risotto (Trader Joe’s) Recipe: Marinate chicken with olive oil Add seasoning of your choice all over the marinated chicken Grill chicken at low heat. I know that as a result it will […]

  • Guide to Gearhead: Carburetor/Direct Injection

    Guide to Gearhead: Carburetor/Direct Injection

    Gasoline only burns when it is mixed with oxygen.  A bucket of gasoline lit on fire would be unlikely to explode, but instead the fire would sit on top of the liquid as the vapors burned.  If the bucket was left in the room for a period of time, the room would fill with gasoline vapors and the room may explode… So, don’t try it at home. If we want to run a combustion engine using gasoline, we’ve established that we need to mix the fuel with air.  This is why we need a carburetor.  A carburetor is actually a very simple […]

  • How to Train for a Marathon

    How to Train for a Marathon

    Whether you’re in shape or not, a marathon is not something to be taken lightly. Running 26.2 miles (13.1 for half marathon) takes a huge toll on the body, and should really be considered an extreme sport that requires advanced training and experience. When approaching your run it’s important to take an accurate assessment of your current fitness level and then determine what work needs to be done to get you up to speed. This way you can understand your strengths and also what may slow you down. After this you can begin to map out your own individual training […]

  • Guide to Gearhead Week 1: HEMI

    Guide to Gearhead Week 1: HEMI

    What’s man’s best friend? Here’s a hint… It doesn’t shed or poop on your living room carpet. The answer is cars. Nothing else in the history of mankind has changed our individual lives more dramatically. If you’re one of those guys who answered dogs, keep reading. Have you wondered what a Hemi is? Don’t understand why your dad’s car had a carburetor, but yours doesn’t? Want to know why your mechanic charges so much to refill your blinker fluid? These articles are for you. The Guide To Gearhead column will teach you everything you need to know to start looking […]

  • How to Make Her Come Every Time

    How to Make Her Come Every Time

    The female orgasm is one of the most sought after events in our sexual lives, and something that doesn’t come easy or very often. As men who care about our ladies, we always want to give them pleasure, but we often find ourselves working hard only to fall tiredly on the bed next to her without much more than a few moans. The way a woman enjoys sexual pleasure is very different from the way a man does, and she often needs more time and to be in the right frame of mind to even approach orgasm. While no techniques […]

  • How to Make Up for an Average Penis

    How to Make Up for an Average Penis

    When it comes to the bedroom, men often get pretty insecure at times. Whether it’s erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or a less than average performance, there are a lot of things on our mind as we enter the room. Unless you’re gigantic and you know it, the size of your penis probably tops the list as something you think about when approaching sex. What you don’t know however is that having a smaller penis doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t perform well. The truth is that a woman’s vagina on average is about 7 inches long, and some women actually […]

  • How to Wear a Scarf

    How to Wear a Scarf

    During the chillier parts of the year, a scarf is always a great bet to keep you warm while remaining fashionable. Scarves are rapidly becoming the new thing to wear for the modern man, and they can add a great deal of flair to a variety of outfits. Choosing a scarf and wearing it properly can be pretty challenging, and a lack of stylistic expertise may create a rather sloppy look. As a result, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you find your scarf-mate and wear it proudly. Choose your scarf to match your outfit Believe it […]

  • The Jaguar F-Type is Almost Here

    The Jaguar F-Type is Almost Here

    Jaguar’s story is not unlike that of car makers such as Kia and Hyundia, who have come back from an otherwise “different” reputation and have since taken the market by surprise. Look back through the pages of car history and you’ll discover a much different type of Jaguar than exists today. From the car’s birth in 1935 up until around 2003, the brand has been mostly looked upon as your upper-class saloon car complete with luxurious amenities – not necessarily a fast and sporty race car. Since Tata Motors’ acquisition of Jaguar however, things have been changing. Accordingly, the F-Type […]