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  • An Evening with Jason Nazar from Docstoc

    An Evening with Jason Nazar from Docstoc

    A startup is a lot of work, and the first person to admit that is Docstoc’s CEO and co-founder, Jason Nazar. Through his dedication and¬†perseverance,¬†he created a multi-million dollar company from the ground up and lives to tell about it. Too often we meet and hear of people who either have the means themselves or know people who do to make their dreams a reality. Jason’s experience in contrast is exactly the kind of thing we like to hear – someone who came from humble beginnings who made it big through hard work. During his event he calls “Startups Uncensored,” […]

  • Homemade Burgers

    Homemade Burgers

    Naturally, there’s the classic burger – a beef patty sandwiched between two pillowy buns, maybe even with a hint of cheese, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup, and mustard. But just like my favorite iPhone game, “Sky Burger,” the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can add to your burgers. This recipe won’t disappoint the most devout carnivores or the most dedicated vegetarians. Whether you’re a traditionalist or love adventure, give this recipe a try! Ingredients: Whole wheat buns Lean beef patties/ or veggie patties Your favorite seasoning Aioli Mustard (Trader Joes) Mushrooms Lettuce Tomato Alfalfa Sprouts Avocado Recipe: […]

  • The New Ferrari

    The New Ferrari

    The anticipation for a new Ferrari is like waiting for the next Bond movie – you know it’s going to be classy and to-the-point with a dash of killing and sex intrigue. Last month Ferrari unveiled its newest addition to the pedigree at the Geneva Motor Show. This amazing piece of work, dubbed the F12 Berlinetta, boasts an incredible 6.3 liter, V12 engine that churns out a monstrous 740 horsepower that will take the car to 60 mph in less than 3.1 seconds. Stay on the pedal a bit longer and you’ll be doing over 100 mph in just 5.3 […]

  • How to Ask Your Boss for a Promotion

    How to Ask Your Boss for a Promotion

    In today’s economy it may seem odd to even discuss the possibility of asking your boss for a promotion; especially since there are so many people with similar qualifications looking to work for less. The truth however is that while the job market is becoming more and more saturated, employers are finding it harder to find quality employees amid a desperate workforce. The result is a high level of turn over. As hungry, well-qualified people enter lower-paying jobs than what they would otherwise seek, they tend to jump ship or get fired for lack of interest after a short period […]

  • Zesty and Colorful Stuffed Peppers

    Zesty and Colorful Stuffed Peppers

    If you’re looking to spice up your cooking without the sting, consider making a plate of stuffed peppers. Stuffed peppers have been household classics for years due to the their complexity of tastes and simplicity. One of the greatest things about stuffed peppers is that they combine the yummy, guilt-inducing flavors of cheese and ground beef (or veggie meat) with wholesome veggies that make you feel good inside and out. This is perfect for date night when each of you want to look and feel your best. Below is my simple recipe that will get you cooking these peppers like […]

  • How to Pull Off the Hipster Look

    How to Pull Off the Hipster Look

      Being a hipster is rapidly becoming the next best thing, especially in major cities. It’s hard these days to stand out in a crowd unless you get outside the box a little with your wardrobe; and the hipster look has definitely caught a few eyes. Contrary to modern thought, being a hipster is not necessarily a creed or system of belief, but rather a way to express personal style and individuality. Here are a few tips to help you choose your hipster look according to your personal sense of style: Use what’s around Some of the best hipster looks […]