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  • Energy for Parenting

    Energy for Parenting

    Let’s face it, parenting is hard. No matter what age you have children, you are most likely at a point in life where you’d easily prefer watching TV after work rather than playing on the swing set and running around in circles. Children don’t have the pressures of life that we do – careers, bills to pay, etc. so they are naturally inclined to enjoy playing often. Furthermore, children also have the luxury of being able to sleep much more than we get to, which helps too. Therefore, how can we meet them half way? How can we be good […]

  • Bodily Changes During Pregnancy

    Bodily Changes During Pregnancy

    After all, this is a men’s magazine, so why are we writing about the P word? Even though we men never have to deal with a 4 inch head coming out of our bodily orifices, we still should know something about a woman’s body during pregnancy. Mostly, this will serve to prepare you for what’s to come, and may also serve to help you be more understanding when the baby arrives. A woman’s body is already subject to many fluctuations each month, and this is only increased during pregnancy. Here are some of the most common bodily changes that you […]

  • Fine Dining Etiquette

    Fine Dining Etiquette

    Let’s face it, nobody wants to be the loud and obnoxious guy in the room grunting along as he eats his filet mignon. We’ve all seen it, and some of us have perhaps been that guy without necessarily knowing it. It crimps our style and doesn’t likely get us anywhere with the ladies either. Apart from the obvious etiquette considerations (i.e. farting and burping), there are also a few others that you may want to consider the next time you hit the town for a good culinary time. Understand the table Upper-scale dining establishments will often have multiple sets of […]

  • 5 Reasons to Not Get a Job

    5 Reasons to Not Get a Job

    In today’s world we are conditioned from a very young age to value hard work and strive to get the highest-paying job possible. Many people who live this out pursue advanced degrees in fields such as medicine or law or simply enter the corporate world and move up the ladder and into the executive suite eventually. The problem with these methods is simple – jobs are a terrible way to make money and a terrible way to live. Below are five real reasons why getting a job is the worst idea. Jobs are short-lived Gone are the days when people […]

  • The Benefits of Yoga

    The Benefits of Yoga

    Yoga is something that we men are naturally awful at, or perhaps it’s just me… Either way, yoga is a type of exercise that calls you to contort your body (and mind if you’re into that) into a variety of ways to increase your flexibility, strength, and balance. The truth is, men generally suffer in at least two out of three of these categories and as a result, yoga is a great exercise to master. If you don’t immediately see great reasons to improve these skills, think of how much flexibility, strength, and balance would improve your sex life… We […]

  • Picking Up Women at the Gym

    Picking Up Women at the Gym

    The gym can be a very strange way to meet people. Most everyone has their headphones in and is blocking out the world while working hard on theĀ elliptical, the treadmill, the weight machine, etc. Despite this however, there is always this strange connection that is built between people as they glance around at each other without saying a word. Have you ever spent some time in one place surrounded by the same people and somehow without saying a word you feel like you know them? Sometimes that is what happens at the gym. Because of this, the gym is oddly […]

  • 8 Cars for the Family

    8 Cars for the Family

    Buying a car is difficult, and finding the perfect car to suit the needs of your family can be a challenge. When thinking of your family’s next ride it’s important to consider a couple of things – first, the car needs to be economical. If you’re going to be driving your kids to school, yourself to your job, and going on the occasional roadtrip, it’s important to have something that saves gas. Secondly, your car needs to be loaded with all of the equipment you need; this may include a GPS system, satellite radio, a rear TV for the kids, […]

  • 5 Things Women Wish For in Bed

    5 Things Women Wish For in Bed

    To be a good lover, it is often required that you get into your woman’s head before getting into her. While stripping down naked and thrusting ’till dawn would suit most men, women often take more time and effort to turn on and please appropriately. For the majority of us, a happy woman means a happy man. We like to please our lady so that she keeps wanting more and doesn’t get bored. Many women find it hard to talk openly to their men about what they like in the bedroom, and truthfully, can we blame them? Often times we […]

  • A Word on Protein Supplements

    A Word on Protein Supplements

    Most people when they want to increase their muscle mass head for the protein supplement shelves. After countless workouts and an entire can of whey protein they realize that simply consuming these supplements does nothing for their physique. The protein supplement is one of the most widely-misunderstood products on the market, and something that people often misuse. In this article we will break down some of the most common-held misconceptions regarding these products and attempt to explain how to use them properly. Protein supplements are necessary to build muscle after working out While protein supplements do indeed provide a great […]