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  • 5 Easy Drinks that Women Love

    5 Easy Drinks that Women Love

    So, you scored big and got a woman to come back to your place for a drink. Now that she’s all yours and away from the sexy nightclub or exciting event, it’s up to you to impress her and keep her interested. Mixing the perfect drink to set the mood can do just that. Of course you could simply buy a pre-mixed drink and serve it to her on the rocks, but that’s pretty obvious. If we’re going to impress her, it’s probably best to break out some simple drink mixing skills. Here are a few recipes that will take […]

  • Wine 101

    Wine 101

    Have you ever been to a dinner party or out with friends and everyone seems to know more than you about fine drinking? I’ve been there, and it’s one of those situations that you’d rather have something to say. When it comes to wine, a little knowledge can go a long way. Most of the people you talk to can’t distinguish a Cabernet from a Merlot or a Chardonnay from a Riesling, but always talk as if they can. Plus, with the ladies, knowledge of just about anything in the “finer” categories of life can possibly land you some pretty nice […]

  • When to Back Out on a Date

    When to Back Out on a Date

    The dating world is a game that doesn’t always have a happy ending. Bad dates are a part of that reality, and something you should look for right away while dating some one for the first time. When something doesn’t feel right it’s important to know the best way to back out immediately so you don’t have to spend time and energy later wishing you had just left when it was easier. Here are a few things you should watch out for when you go out with a woman. She constantly talks about past boyfriends Right off the bat this […]

  • 5 Tips on Interviewing

    5 Tips on Interviewing

    Interviews are always the scariest part of any job-seeking experience and can obviously be the difference between a paycheck and the unemployment line. With more and more interviews being conducted by phone or Skype, this process can be even more daunting. However, with a little preparation and the right mix of character you can turn these difficult situations into positive outcomes. Below are a few tips to help you interview effectively. 1. Prepare appropriately Do your homework before the interview. This will not only help you be more prepared to answer questions about the company, but will also give you […]

  • 5 Lessons on Picking up Women

    5 Lessons on Picking up Women

    Ok, so you’ve read all the articles, talked to your friends, maybe even checked out some books, but it still puzzles you how men go from talking to beautiful women at the club to bringing her back home for some late-night fun. There are a whole range of articles out there on how to successfully talk to women and warm them up to you, but how do you close the deal? How do you go from just the nice guy who bought her a drink to the sexy but safe guy she wants some alone time with? It’s a challenge, but […]

  • How to Find Love in the Throes of Romance

    How to Find Love in the Throes of Romance

    We all have been there at some point in our lives. We’ve met a girl at the bar, at work,  at the gym, whatever it may be and we’ve fallen in love almost immediately. When you meet a person you want to spend extra time with, it’s very easy to feel in love. Each of you gives your best, dressing to impress, toning down the dirty language and trying to meet the other person half way on a range of emotionally-charged issues such as religion and politics. The reality on the other hand is that eventually each of your true […]